Balanced eyeglasses made with long experience
Founded in 2012, Hube eyewear
As the first company in Korea to combine double injection technology with glasses
Not a manufacturer that only produces products
It is a specialized eyewear company that provides a total solution that combines planning and design.
Hube eyewear aims to expand the foundation for global business
By launching our own brand, we continue to maintain distribution and export in the domestic market.
We are collaborating not only with domestic but also overseas partners for good design and quality.
In addition, we are leading OEM/ODM production with solid technology and design.
Brand Story
Design and structure that cannot be realized in acetate
We started researching products that differentiated ourselves
from others with the goal of developing high-quality frames.
Through a lot of trial and error, we researched and developed a mold structure optimized
for glasses through various experiments and challenging spirit.
This technology has led to the production of lightweight and comfortable glasses.
Our own brand “PLASTA” starts with the “PLASTA 90” brand
Launched in 2012 with double injection technology
The brand has been expanded to PLASTA human, PLASTA blend, and PLASTA nature,
Now, it has been renewed by implying the PLASTA brand naming.
Polyetherimide-PEI, a super engineering plastic material
It is applied to glasses as a basic basis, and by researching and developing
original design and injection technology We are producing slim and elastic products,
We provide light and comfortable eyewear to consumers.

PLAY WITH US WITH Pleasure of Choice and Finished Style,
STAY IN YOU so that you can be like you every moment.

In addition to the technical method, with the confidence of consistently handling plastic materials
PLASTA, which possesses the features of a slim fit and a variety of colors realized by technology,
It is a comfortable eyewear that suits everyone without burden.
A unique PLASTA that can bring out each person's style and personality
It is an eyewear with different details that naturally melt into a slimmer fit.
With the guaranteed quality, it is more satisfying as time passes.
PLASTA's unique and colorful colors
Find your own style that blends naturally with any style.
PLASTA's unique technology makes it comfortable and durable in everyday life
The longer you stay together, the better it will be.